Pantograms Fancyworks Studio digitising software

Is available at £295 plus v.a.t.

This provides you with all the embroidery digitizing tools needed to let your imagination run wild. This exciting new software offers 13 pre-set shapes, like stars, crosses and triangles, as well as 10 fonts, 11 fancy fill patterns and 11 decorative stitches. For quilting enthusiasts,  Supports all major formats--.dst, .pes etc.

Fancyworks Studio has a quilt stitch that reproduces the hand-stitched look of a homemade quilt. The most remarkable feature of this software is the repeat tool which allows you to repeat any design in an array or wreath fashion. Fancyworks Studio gives you total independence to be creative and the power to digitize your own designs from vector or bitmap images.

As you create designs, store them in your new Embroidery Recipe Box. This feature allows you to store your thread colours, design size and stitch count for easy retrieval for your next sewing project.

With Fancyworks Studio you can turn your designs into fancy works of art!

Features Include:

    *   Wreath Effect

      Full-Featured Lettering, Editing and Digitizing - With the easy-to-use interface, all of the lettering editing, and digitizing tools needed to create your embroidery projects are just a click away. In addition, Fancyworks Studio provides you with the ability to save your projects in the all-new Design Recipe Box. Output your designs to the home format of your choice with the built-in design conversion engine provided by Buzz Tools, Inc.

    * Design Recipe Box - This feature provides you with a place to save, view, and open your favourite embroidery projects. Just like a recipe, this feature provides all the fields and information needed to recreate and share your favourite embroidery projects.

    *  Thread Chart

      Appliqué - Add dimension and texture to your designs with the appliqué feature. Fancyworks automatically creates the outline, tack-down, and border stitches for your appliqué shapes.

    * Thread Chart Selection - With this new feature you can pick out your favourite colours with the touch of a button. Bring up the thread colour name, code and brand! Fancyworks Studio even displays that colour in the image on the screen!

    * 124 Colour Changes - Add up to 124 colour changes to your embroidery design. Let your imagination run wild!

    * Complex Fill with Holes - This feature allows you to create complex embroidery shapes, even with holes, with just a click of the button.

    * Full Editing Features - Make changes to designs with powerful, easy-to-use editing

      features. Delete, rearrange, mirror, rotate, cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, and centre design are only a few of the editing features you will access to create unique artwork for your next embroidery project.

    * Wreath Effect - Copy and repeat designs or objects in a circular pattern. Ideal for creating decorative borders!

    * Array Effect - Provides you with the ability to copy and repeat designs or objects both vertically and horizontally. This tool is ideal for patches or decorative stitch patterns that step and repeat.

    * Quilt Stitch - Now you can create the look and feel of real hand stitching. Use the quilt stitch feature to add pizzazz to your next embroidery project.

    * Import Graphic Files - Fancyworks Studio provides you with the ability to import 18 different graphic file formats to create unique artwork, including eps, jpg, wmf, png, tif, and bmp.

    * Pre-Set Shapes - Fancyworks Studio comes with 13 pre-set shapes like diamonds, stars and crosses. Simply click on the shape for your design and the software creates an automatic running stitch, appliqué stitch or complex fill.

    * 10 Fonts - Fancyworks Studio includes 10 embroidery keyboard fonts. In addition you can add fonts from Monogram SP and Embroidery Type Library.

System Requirements:

    * Windows XP, Windows 2000

    * 450 Mhz processor

    * 100 MB free HD space

    * 8 MB video card

    * 64 MB RAM

    * CD-Rom dive

    * Mouse or Tablet


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Pantograms Fancyworks Studio.

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